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James Phipps, CEO, Excalibur Group


Paul is a highly knowledgeable and professional guy in the world of finance, banking and business intelligence, I can highly recommend him.

Elizabeth Hutton, CEO, Kicks Count


Paul came recommended to me and I have not been disappointed.


Paul has transformed the efficiency of the charity's bookkeeping over the last few months and taken a lot of stress off my shoulders! He is extremely efficient and organised and keeps everything impeccably on track. His personable and friendly manner also makes financial discussions bearable!


We wish we'd found him earlier! Highly recommend Paul.



Paul Sedgwick, CEO, Frank Investments 


For any business managing the accounts is the least enjoyable part of it. Paul Maddison takes that burden away as much as is possible. His record keeping is exceptional, as is his attention to detail. Paul is also extremely good company to work with. I would happily recommend Paul to anyone in a similar position as ourselves looking for someone to ensure their accounts are in the best shape they can be.



Neil Mehta, Trustee, Fredericks Foundation


I have become reacquainted after many years ago when bank managers were real managers when the business I started needed debt finance as we were growing rapidly.

He popped up again many years later advising and working at Fredericks Foundation. What he has done for us is explainary in not sorting out the financials affairs but also being able to explain in plain English what are the key ratios we should be paying attention to and highlighting the context which is rare.



Sabrina Kulan, CEO, EZPZ Travel


Paul has been a breath of fresh air for EZPZ Travel. Paul has helped us out a great deal in a short amount of time. He is great at understanding that not everyone understands the finance world & is always willing to answer questions (however simple they are). Paul is a great person and we are happy to be working with him.



Duncan Parker, CEO, Fredericks Foundation


Paul has been a huge asset to Fredericks Foundation both to our administrative systems but especially to the executive and trustees who he has given real see through and foresight on issues of cash flow, legal contracts and future planning.


Paul achieves much in a short amount of time and is both efficient and effective in providing bookkeeping and business intelligence services, helping us to keep financial records accurate and up to date, helping us comply with our many overseers, and producing meaningful management information.


Above all, Paul is a great person to have around the office and team and brings a sense of humour and humanity to all situations.



Elena Lafferty, Owner, Sowulo Healing


Paul is very professional and he is not just an accountant. He is helping me with my tax returns and also giving me sound advice for my new business. I would recommend Paul to new business owners.